Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Who doesn’t love a good smoothie? Well, if thats you, I am sorry for your loss. My favorite is strawberry and banana. Basically the only smoothie I ever order. I probably should branch out, shouldn’t I? Well, here we go; here’s my branch. If you do love smoothies, you’ll enjoy this one. The pumpkin flavor […]

Breakfast Pita Pocket

I love pita pockets.  I had bought some for the chicken salad mixture I bought from HEB, which is amazing, and I had some pockets left over. So, I decided to make a breakfast pita pocket with cheesy eggs, crispy bacon, and fresh spinach. This pita pocket is easy to make, yummy, and filling. And whats great […]

Breakfast Quesadilla

This breakfast was pretty darn good, I will definitely be making this again. Its great because it is pretty easy and quick to whip up in the morning. Just make your hard boiled eggs in advance, peel them and stick them in the fridge as well as cutting up the mushrooms. That way in the morning you […]

Biscuits and Gravy Casserole

I absolutely love this casserole. Biscuits and Gravy is such a great breakfast dish. I never thought of making it a casserole, but I am glad I did. By making it a casserole, this allows the biscuits to soak up the gravy, which is fantastic. The flavor of the gravy is perfect. I was nervous […]