Banana Bread

I found this recipe working on a class project. Yes, I made banana bread for a class project. Long story short, I believe that cooking with children is important. So, I was looking for rebus recipes and came across this recipe which is simple enough for children to make and boy is it really good. I’ve had […]

Zucchini Bread

I made this during the summer, but I forgot to post it. How could I forget this deliciousness? I absolutely love this bread. Don’t let the zucchini trick you into thinking this is healthy bread, because it’s not. I try to ignore the loads of sugar. I guess that’s what makes it taste delicious. The […]

Game Day Sliders

If you’re looking for a game day snack while cheering on your favorite team, “Eat ’em up cats!”, try these awesome sliders! My recipe is a little different from the original; I’ve taken away the mayo (I do not like mayo one bit, kinda makes me gag, and added Worcestershire sauce, which was one of the most […]