Salmon Puffs

For Christmas Taylor’s brother and sister-in-law gave me Gilmore Girl cookbook! Such a cool gift and I couldn’t wait to use it! So, for my birthday, I had a get together with my two families (mine & Taylor’s) to play games and eat. I of course wanted to make something from the cook book and […]

Chicken Enchilada Casserole

  Over Christmas I got to spend time with my extended family! While I was there, I had a girls night with my cousin and her gang of sister-in-laws. It was a blast! But you cant have a girls night without some delicious food. So, I helped make this Chicken Enchilada Casserole. Let me tell […]

Smoked Gouda Mac & Cheese

I love me some mac and cheese. I also enjoy gouda cheese. I had some extra gouda left over, so I scrolled through Pinterest to find a recipe I could make. I came across this one and it seemed pretty simple and I had all the ingredients. First you make it in a large pan […]

Spinach and Mushroom Pasta Casserole

  This dish was surprisingly delicious. It called for soy sauce, which threw me off. However, it totally pulled the dish together. I had forgot to add the soy sauce into the dish and it was lacking something. So, I drizzled some onto my bowl full of casserole and it was instantly more delicious.  E N […]

Bacon Pesto Homemade Mac and Cheese

  Soooo, this looks a little like guacamole… I think I went wrong somewhere because the website where I got this recipe had a beautiful picture of the dish and the mac and cheese was white… So, I guess I wasnt supposed to add the pesto even though the recipe told me too. I’m still […]

Bacon Pepper Jack Grilled Cheese

This has become one of my favorite grilled cheeses. Very simple, but still flavorful. The spicy of the pepper jack cheese is pretty subtle, which is great because it is not overpowering. The crispy bacon just takes the sandwich to the next level because bacon is just simply delicious. I chose to grill the sandwich […]

Banana Bread

I found this recipe working on a class project. Yes, I made banana bread for a class project. Long story short, I believe that cooking with children is important. So, I was looking for rebus recipes and came across this recipe which is simple enough for children to make and boy is it really good. I’ve had […]

Peppermint Chocolate Dipped Spoons

Christmas calls for a nice cup of hot cocoa, while sitting around a fire, cuddled up in a blanket. I had some extra chocolate left over from previous Christmas treats, so I decided to make chocolate dipped spoons. I’ve always wanted to make some, so I could stir them into my hot chocolate. The white […]