Garlic Shrimp Asparagus + Mushroom Skillet

I am all about quick and simple dishes! However, in the summer I don’t really need quick dishes. Thats what is nice about summer, I have the time to spend in the kitchen and make amazingly delicious meals. Taylor isn’t the best at cooking, but it is nice having him in the kitchen and spending […]

Bang Bang Shrimp

First off, let me start by saying these are the most amazingly delicious shrimp that I have ever had. My mouth is literally salivating right now just thinking about them. The first time I had shrimp like this was at Bonefish Grill. They were absolutely delicious and I couldn’t stop eating them. So, I wanted […]

Blackened Shrimp Tacos with Cilantro Slaw

  A couple of weeks ago, my mom made fish tacos topped with garlic aioli and cilantro slaw, which were so scrumptious. Then a few weeks after that, Taylor and I were in need of some dinner. I looked around in the kitchen and saw shrimp, tortillas, and a bag of shredded cabbage; right then I […]

Tom Kah Soup

   FINALLY! Why do I say this? Let me start with a quick back story: Any time we go visit my family in California we always order from this amazing Thai restaurant called Thai East Wind Restaurant. We usually get the same things every time we order there and one of those dishes is their […]