Will you be…?

I’ve officially asked all my bridesmaids and maid of honor! Choosing these five ladies was an easy task. Not only have they been in my life for a range of years, they’ve also made a great impact on my life; they are people I look up to, laugh with, and make the best memories with and I couldn’t imagine them not standing by my side.
My first thought to ask my bridesmaids was with wine. I had seen some ideas of bridal proposals on wine labels and I figured I could make my own! But, I also thought of the idea to ask them with a candle. So, I figured I could do both! I gave the wine drinkers wine and the other two my favorite candle. Along with their gifts I wrote them a letter. 
I purchased these wine bottle boxes from Amazon and the paint pen from Michael’s and then got to work!
I took off the original wine labels and created my own. It was kind of tough getting the wine labels on, as you can tell in the pictures. The labels were specifically made for wine bottles, but I’m guessing not these particular ones… Luckily, the ladies didn’t seem to care!
The kraft boxes were purchased from Michael’s and the candles are Capri Blue Volcano, which were purchased from Francesca’s. I love the scent of this candle: tropical fruits and sugared citrus. Funny enough I’ve never owned this candle, but anytime I come across it I have to smell it!
The labels for the candles are the same labels for the wine bottles, but I cut them to fit the lids. I packed both the candle boxes and the wine boxes with crinkle cut decorative paper. I am both excited and blessed to have such amazing people stand next to me when Taylor and I say “I do”. 

Once Taylor asks all his guys, I’ll post his “broposals”!

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